Get ready for some motorized competition like you haven’t seen here before featuring law enforcement members from Folsom and afar putting their skills to the test in a unique showcase. It’s the Folsom Police Department’s much anticipated Police Motorcycle Skills Challenge on Saturday, April 27th, returning to the city for the first time in more than a decade.

Hosted by the Folsom Police Traffic Unit, this adrenaline-pumping event promises a day of jaw-dropping displays of precision riding and agility that all ages will enjoy watching.  It marks the first time the Folsom Police Department has hosted the event since 2012. Participation in the event is open to riders from law enforcement, active military and veteran military riders.

“Folsom has hosted four of these in the past but its been a long time, all of these events got shut down during COVID and are now happening again, ” explained Sergeant Tim Galovich of the Folsom Police Department. “We’ve been working on it since December, it takes a great of work and planning and we always make sure other agencies in our region aren’t hosting one before we decide to. That just makes them stronger for everyone.”

The free-to-attend spectacle will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 745 Oak Avenue Parkway, which is Lakeside Church, offering spectators a front-row seat to witness the finest skills from law enforcement agencies across the region. According to Galovich, as of now 65 riders have already registered for the event from throughout California, including riders from as far away as Beverly Hills.

Among the 65 riders, 17 different agencies will be represented in the Folsom event that is not only an event for residents to spectate and a competition, but also gives motorcycle officers additional training and an opportunity to hone their skills on a controlled course.

On event day, riders will navigate through a series of demanding courses set up act are meticulously designed to put their agility, control, and teamwork to the ultimate test. Entrants will take to the course and competed for time through it, however, it’s not just having the fast time that will earn a top placement. Officers are scored throughout their run for their performance through the course which is then combined with their time to determine their score.

“It’s not just the fastest time that wins, there are other factors, ” explained Galovich. “If a rider misses turn, knocks down a cone or even lays down their bike they are penalized points for their overall score.”

While Folsom Police will have five motor officers in the event, Galovich noted that the Folsom riders will not be scored for competition in the event as the host agency. This is becoming more common when it comes to competitions of this type to keep an agency from having any type of home course advantage.

“I’ve been to these events in the past and on the day of the event you would see tire marks or gouges in the course where it was obvious that some were practicing before the competition, ” said Galovich. “Our officers will run through the course for time and training purposes but in the end they won’t be included in the final scores for the day.”

In addition to the exciting action on the course, attendees can enjoy a festival atmosphere at the event, complete with vendors offering a variety of goods, and tantalizing food trucks to satisfy any craving.

“This is going to be alot of fun for all ages for the day, ” Galovich said. “We have 30 vendors coming out, food trucks, face painting for the kids and more. There will be action on the course all day long so its not something people have to come stay all day to see it, anytime they come out they will be able to catch the action and have a good time.”

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