A classic fairytale with a comic twist is set to take the stage this week at Folsom’s Sutter Street Theatre. “Sleeping Beauty,” the beloved comedic tale by R. Eugene Jackson, will grace the Historic Folsom venue in a local production directed by Allen Schmeltz.

The emphasis is on comedy in this musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale. Young audiences will find a delightful group of characters as enchanting as the magic in the story itself. There’s Chester the Jester, Typsy the Gypsy, and the Royal Magician, who is so inept he transforms himself into a frog!.

Also present is the evil Thornberry, who curses Princess Elaine (the ‘Sleeping Beauty’), and the brave Prince Dauntless, who battles the fire-breathing dragon to break the magic spell. Rich with musical underscoring, themes, and five tuneful songs, “Sleeping Beauty” is a delight for audiences of all ages.

Rated G for general audiences, this production features the musical direction of Hannah Hurst. Performances will take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 1 p.m.

Sutter Street Theatre, located at 717 Sutter Street, is a popular community theater venue nestled in the heart of Folsom’s Historic District. Tickets and additional information for all shows can be found at www.sutterstreettheatre.com or by calling the box office at (916) 353-1001.

Jerold McFatter (left). stars in Sleeping Beauty along with Hattie Smith, Charlotte Foster-Davis, Jody Klemens / Sitting Michelle Bueb
Photo: Allen Schmeltz

Anything Goes enters second week run

In addition to Sleeping Beauty, Sutter Street Theatre continues its production of Annything Goes, the musical comedy by Cole Porter, it the Historic Folsom venue in a local production directed by Kenny Brian Gagni.

Anything Goes contiues through May 12th, as the Sutter Street Theatre presents the longtime story with an updated twist. This rendition features the 2022 revision, showcasing Porter’s unforgettable music and lyrics, coupled with a fresh take on the book by Timothy Crouse and John Weidman.

According to the playbill, audiences will be transported aboard the S.S. American, a transatlantic voyage filled with laughter, romance, and hijinks aplenty. Set against the backdrop of a ship traveling between New York and England, the plot follows a delightful cast of characters whose paths intertwine in unexpected ways.

At the heart of the story is Reno Sweeney, portrayed by a charismatic nightclub singer and former evangelist, navigating her own romantic entanglements while dispensing wisdom and wit. Joining her is the lovelorn Wall Street broker, Billy Crocker, portrayed with charm and determination as he vies for the affections of his beloved Hope Harcourt, who is engaged to another passenger, Sir Evelyn Oakleigh.

Anything Goes continues at Folsom’s Sutter Street Theatre. Photo: Allen Schmeltz

Adding to the merry mix is Moonface Martin, aka “Public Enemy #13,” a second-rate con man with a heart of gold, portrayed with gusto by a talented ensemble member. Together, Reno and Moonface concoct a scheme to help Billy win the love of his life, leading to a series of comedic misadventures and toe-tapping musical numbers.

Rated G for general audiences, this production of “Anything Goes” invites theatergoers of all ages to come aboard for an evening of joy and escapism. Performances will take place on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm, with Sunday matinees at 4:30 pm.

Tickets and more information for all shows can be found at www.sutterstreettheatre.com or by calling the box office at (916) 353-1001.

Sutter Street Theatre provides the perfect setting for a night out, where patrons can enjoy an afternoon of shopping at the many stores on and around Sutter Street, savor dinner at one of the many restaurants, and indulge in sweet treats or cocktails nearby following a night of entertainment. Learn more about Historic Folsom at www.historicfolsom.org.

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