There’s a whole lot of reggae music going on in Orangevale this weekend with the Friends of Folsom festival at the Orangevale Grange. But for those that aren’t up to festival scene or couldn’t spring for tickets but want to get your dose of reggae tunes at one of the area’s longtime music venues, Jan’s Lounge has just the band for your Saturday night. King Hippo takes the Jan’s stage with fun and unique show with no cover at the door.

King Hippo is a reggae cover band that infuses elements of roots, rock, and punk into a potpourri of gratifyingly danceable and groove-centric ear pleasure. The casual listener will expect, and be satisfied by the tenets of reggae ala Bob Marley and Sublime. 

According to King Hippo’s music biography, the more perspicacious listener will appreciate deep cuts from bands such as Operation Ivy, Mike Pinto, and 2 Pac…Yes…2 Pac. To sum up the audience experience – The delightful composite of rebellious and catchy music set to the backdrop of accessible reggae rhythms will tickle your dance buttons and, “push the maximum limit of drinks you foolishly set for yourself,” the band claims.

King Hippo is all about fun and good vibes, and danceable grooves to match. The band first came about in 2018, and ever since specializes in putting new twists on old favorite tunes, with reggae, ska, funk, and rock influences, as well as fun and creative mashups. All of which can be expected Saturday night at Jan’s

Saturday’s  9:00 p.m.on Friday and Satruday with no cover charge Jan’s Lounge is located at 922 Greenback Lane in Orangevale. Learn more at

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